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Google Allo is Google's best bet when it comes to instant messaging. An app that intends to be the main messaging tool and compete with industry giants. Its main asset is how simple it is, easy to use and useful especially considering its new personal assistant feature.

Allo allows you to have chat conversations with all your contacts, including private conversations with an already included 'Incognito' mode so you'll have no traces of that conversation. Within a chat group you'll get the usual services as are common in WhatsApp, like the option to send photos, videos, stickers and your location.

Also, your personal assistant works via bot technology in a conventional chat room with similar features to those offered in Google Now, only here everything is more direct and much more intuitive. You'll be able to ask if tomorrow it's going to rain or even how long your daily commute will take, all without ever leaving the chat interface system.

Without a doubt, Google Allo is on its way to become Google's newest flagship app, focusing users' communication strategies into one single place. It's simple interface, the limited amount of resources it requires, and the fact that it's totally free make this app worth at least a try.
By Erika Okumura
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Android 4.1 or higher required.

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